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Treatment for Nerve Issues

Take a moment right now and think about some of the sensory experiences you enjoy. Maybe you are conjuring up images in your mind of sunsets or favorite flowers. You might be thinking about how the soft fur of a beloved pet feels when you run your hand over it. Perhaps you are remembering the smell of a loved one’s cologne or perfume, or your mom’s signature dish.

No matter which sensory memories come to mind, you can thank your nervous system for allowing you the ability to experience them in the first place. Obviously, when nerve issues arise, it can have a drastic impact on your life.

Treatment for nerve issues can be extremely important because the nervous system itself is essential for not only experiencing the world around you, but also regulating and controlling all of the other body systems. When we discuss nerve issues in your lower body, we are generally focused on the peripheral nervous system (an elaborate network of nerves responsible for collecting data and reporting it back to the spinal column and brain).

Another important reason for having problems with nerves addressed is that some of them—neuromas, in particular—can become permanent if left untreated.

With regard to treating nerve issues, there are two important considerations – the severity of symptoms and root cause. When you come to see our doctors at either of our offices, we will completely assess your situation to determine the best course of treatment. If we are able to use conservative treatment options, we will. These can include things like medications (pain relievers, anti-seizure medications, and topical treatments), antidepressants, electrical nerve stimulation, and physical therapy. Given the common affiliation with diabetes, managing this disease is also important for nerve health.

In some cases, nerve surgery may be recommended or necessary. This includes instances wherein a tumor places pressure on a nerve and needs to be removed to restore nerve function. There are other surgical procedures, but we will discuss them with you if conservative care is not effective.

Of course, we cannot know which treatment option will work best for your nerve issue until we see you here at Dallas Podiatry Works. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment with either our Plano, TX or Dallas offices, give us a call at 972.566.7474. You can also request your appointment online right now.

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