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Tips for Handling Bunion Pain at Home

As a progressive deformity, bunions tend to creep up on you, often over a period of several years. One day you may notice a bit of a bump alongside the base of your big toe. As time goes on, that bump may get larger, and the tip of the big toe may push further toward the other four.

In order to ease the pain associated with this condition—or prevent it from getting bad enough that pain becomes an issue—you’ll need to make some smart decisions about how to manage it at home. If you treat your foot with care, it’s less likely to cause you pain, and your bunion is less likely to progress to the point where you need surgery. At the very least, you can delay the need for surgery for a long time.

Self-management solutions may include:

  • Buy shoes with a wide enough toe box to accommodate your whole foot—bunion bump and all—without squeezing or pinching.
  • Medical grade arch supports or custom orthotics may help distribute pressure more equally throughout the front of your foot and relieve discomfort. We’re happy to help you select an appropriate insole or create custom orthotics using a digital scan of your feet.
  • Do not wear uncomfortable or tight footwear.
  • Non-medicated over-the-counter bunion pads may help ease pressure or friction inside your shoes.
  • Taping or splinting techniques may help reduce stress on the joint and acute pain. Our staff can discuss best methods with you.
  • Short-term use of ice packs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, such as ibuprofen or naproxen, can help alleviate acute discomfort.

As soon as you notice a bunion forming, you should make an appointment with Dallas Podiatry Works. Early engagement will help give you the greatest probability of being able to handle treatment at home, and avoid pain and surgery entirely, for the foreseeable future. Schedule with any of our doctors by calling 972.566.7474.

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