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Sports and Midfoot Injuries

It’s no big secret that leading an active life and getting regular exercise are pillars for a healthy lifestyle. In our greater Dallas-Fort Worth community, there are many options when it comes to staying active. You might meet up with runners in the Dallas Running Club, participate in sports offered by the Dallas Sport and Social Club, or sign up at any of the countless local gyms in the area.

sports and midfoot injuriesNo matter which option you choose, you can improve your cardiovascular conditioning, stay in (or get down to) a healthy bodyweight, and even sleep better at night. Of course, there is always the risk that you sustain an injury, including midfoot injuries from sports, but this might not be as bad you might think.

Now, some sports injuries tend to receive more of the limelight than others. Sprained ankles, turf toe, and shin splints are ones that often come to mind, but midfoot injuries also can happen during physical activities. These include:

  • Navicular stress fracture. This stress fracture is fairly common for athletes who participate in sports that feature sprinting and jumping movements. The symptoms of the condition include a vague aching in the midfoot that worsens with activity. X-rays often do not show an issue, so we may need to use advanced imaging technology to properly diagnose this midfoot injury.
  • Midtarsal joint sprain. The midtarsal joint consists of two different joints (the talonavicular and calcaneocuboid joints) and features ligaments that hold everything in place. When these ligaments are sprained, it can cause pain on the outside of the midfoot. This injury is more commonly seen in football players, gymnasts, and athletes who participate in jumping sports.
  • Extensor tendonitis. The extensor tendons run along the top of the foot and enable the toes to straighten. Overuse can cause swelling and make it rather painful to run. The pain can be especially great when the tendons become stretched while toes are curled.
  • Plantar fascia strain. When this band of tissue is strained (which can happen either over time or in a single traumatic incident), there may be tenderness and pain in the midfoot region on the underside of the foot. In some cases, a lump or nodule develops on the fasica.

First aid is important if you sustain a midfoot injury in a game or practice, but so is coming in to see our foot doctors for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan as soon as you can. We are proud to provide exceptional care for all foot and ankle injuries.

For more information, simply call our Dallas office at (972) 566-7474 or our Plano, TX office at (972) 943-3323. If you have sustained a midfoot injury and are in need of treatment, take advantage of our online form and schedule an appointmentwith either of our offices online today.

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