Physical Therapy: Benefits for Healing

It’s very frustrating when you can’t do the things you enjoy or even carry out necessary daily tasks. This can be the situation with a foot injury—a hindrance that can make going to the mailbox or taking a shower difficult. Our feet and ankles are so intricately designed, and we often don’t realize the incredible job they do day in and day out until there is a problem. While they are able to bear vast amounts of weight and force and enable us to perform all kinds of activities, they are susceptible to injury like any other part of our body.

When an injury happens, most people are concerned about how quickly they can get back on their feet. All too often, the recovery process is cut short, which can compromise the healing process and lead to further injury. Physical therapy is a conservative treatment option that we use at Dallas Podiatry works to reduce pain and promote healing after an injury.
physical therapy - benefits of healing

Physical Therapy For Feet

There are numerous types of injuries and conditions that affect the foot and ankle. Physical therapy is a very effective conservative form of treatment during the recovery phase after an injury. It helps ease the pain and discomfort of chronic conditions and can even prevent future problems. It is most often implemented after enough healing has taken place and your bones, joints, muscles, and tissues can handle being manipulated. The goal of physical therapy is to help you return to your daily activities and regain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Depending on the nature and severity of your condition or injury, we will create a plan that is tailored to your needs and lifestyle. The exercises and motions will vary from person to person, but the four main areas of focus are: increase or restore range of motion, improve flexibility, improve strength, and alleviate discomfort. Strength and flexibility are key areas, as strong muscles will support the joints in your foot and ankle and flexible muscles are less susceptible to injury. A rehabilitation plan may include exercises for flexibility, stability, balance, coordination, and range of motion. We may also implement the use of massage, electrical stimulation, mobilization, heat, and cold. Some of the more common foot problems that often greatly benefit from this type of treatment include plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, ankle sprains, Achilles tendonitis or rupture, high arches, and flat feet.

A Plan and Patience

The foot and ankle experts at Dallas Podiatry Works will determine how to best treat your injury. With physical therapy, you will be provided with a list of exercises that target specific joints, muscles, or ligaments. The time frame is different for each person, depending on how severe his or her symptoms are. The key for a successful outcome is patience. Just as a cake needs an appropriate baking time before it is done, an injury needs time to heal. If you are athletic and get back in the game before adequate healing takes place, the structures within your foot or ankle may not be able to handle the pressure. Being patient while the physical therapy works to restore your strength, endurance, and range of motion is the true recipe for success.

If you have sustained an injury to your foot or ankle or are living with chronic pain that only seems to be getting worse, don’t ignore it. We can provide treatment that will work and get you back on your feet. Contact Drs. Joel Brook, Arroyo, and McClurkin for an appointment today. You can reach our office in Dallas, TX at 972.853.7100 or in Plano, TX at (972) 943-3323.

The doctor has great “bedside manners” when talking to patients. Great staff and comfortable atmosphere.

Derrick W.

The staff at Dallas Podiatry Works could not have been more courteous, helpful, and professional in doing their job. They made me feel comfortable when I was there, which is certainly appreciated. They answered all the questions that I had and just made each visit the most pleasurable that it could be. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of foot care.

Joseph B.

I would highly recommend Dr. Brook to anyone with foot problems–especially problems that stump other podiatrists. He really is very caring and very knowledgeable.

Jeannette H.

Dr. Joel Brook and the staff were nice and helpful. Though I was a new patient, I got right in as soon as they were open in my preferred location. They diagnosed the problem and provided medicines along with a perfect gel bandage so I could keep exercising while my toes healed. My toes already hurt less and look a little better each day. If I have future issues, I will be a repeat customer. Here’s hoping I don’t, but at least I know my feet are in good hands.

Meryl E.

I visited this office for an ingrown toe nail a few years ago. After seeing another doctor, who made it worse, he referred me to Dallas Podiatry Works. The doctor there was able to fix my problem. I’m not great with reviews, all I can tell you is that this doctor and staff will have you up and running or doing whatever it is you do in no time. You will be in great hands. You’d be a fool not to use this doctor. Now its time to visit him again for the other toe.

Google User

Been having bad ankle pains for 6 months was referred here and it was a great visit ladies in the front desk medical assistants and the Doctor were all very friendly and make you feel very comfortable.

Elizabeth G.

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