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Non-Surgical Options for Bunions

If a bony bump is growing on the side of your foot near the base of your big toe—a bunion, in other words—you may have already resigned yourself to the thought that, someday, you’re going to need surgery.

Well, hold that thought! We don’t want you to jump the gun here.

Non-Surgical Options for Bunions Yes, it is true that bunions require surgery to be corrected. Without it, the bump isn’t going away. But insisting on surgery assumes “correction” is the only goal, or even the most desirable one, and that just isn’t always the case. The most important outcome is elimination of pain and restoration of full function, allowing you to work, play and live without restriction. If you can achieve that with conservative care alone, there’s no reason you can’t put surgical treatment on indefinite hiatus.

Our office provides a variety of non-surgical treatment options for bunions, and would be glad to help you thoroughly explore them before switching to a surgical approach. Some possible treatments include:

  • New shoes that don’t pinch your toes or pressure the balls of your feet.
  • Shoe inserts or custom orthotics that cushion the toe joint, support the arches and other areas of the feet, and otherwise control abnormal motion of the toe.
  • Pads to protect the bunion from friction damage.
  • Splints and/or tape to keep the toe in proper alignment.
  • Exercises to keep the toe joint flexible and well supported.
  • Medications to manage pain.
  • Modifications to your workout or activity routine to help keep you fit and active while putting less strain on the bunion.

At Dallas Podiatry Works, our team will never push or pressure you into a treatment that isn’t right for you. We help you work through all your options for your bunion pain, including conservative remedies, so you can make informed decisions about your care. Although we are experts in performing bunion surgery, we’re always happy to help you avoid it if possible. To schedule an appointment with our office for a consultation, please call 972.566.7474.

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