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How Toenail Restoration Works with Fungal Nail Treatment

How Toenail Restoration Works with Fungal Nail TreatmentRestoring anything can take time. Cars, houses, and paintings all require painstaking attention to detail and time to repair damage. Restoring your health can be similar, particularly when it comes to things like infected fungal nails. Even with proper treatment, it takes time for the nails to grow clear again. That’s where toenail restoration can help, allowing you to enjoy your nails as your toes heal.

Fungal infections discolor and damage the hard keratin that makes up your nails. Treatment for this includes debriding the nails, applying topical medications, taking oral medicines, and using laser treatments. These methods destroy the fungus, allowing the new keratin to grow in and replace what was damaged or removed.

However, new keratin takes a while to regrow. Even when the infecting fungus is destroyed during treatment, your nails still look unsightly until the damage grows out and gets replaced. That’s where toenail restoration can help with your recovery. Toenail restoration is a process of using Keryflex to restore the appearance of your nails in a way that still allows healthy keratin to regrow.

The special resin is applied over the debrided areas of your nails, then smoothed and sculpted to match. The result is a natural-looking Keryflex nail. The artificial nail stays in place for up to eight weeks and can easily be replaced. Because it’s natural-looking, it restores your toes’ appearance and eliminates the unsightliness of your recovering fungal nails. Toenail restoration enables you to enjoy your beautiful feet without feeling embarrassed.

Toenail restoration helps you maintain the appearance of your nails even as they heal. So while you get treatment to eliminate your infection altogether, you can help your nails look nice again so you don’t have to be embarrassed by discoloration or damage. Let the nail restoration experts at Dallas Podiatry Works help you take care of your toenails today. Contact our offices today for a consultation. Just call (972) 566-7474 for our Dallas location, (972) 943-3323 for our Plano office, or use our online request form to reach us.

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