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EPAT Shockwave Therapy: Real Pain Relief

If you are one of thousands of people who suffer from persistent heel and ankle pain, you understand how it can interrupt your life and make getting around more difficult. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can find relief in a simple treatment called EPAT. This technology encourages natural healing while still speeding up the process, putting you back on your feet quickly.

What is EPAT?

Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Treatment (EPAT) is a remedy that uses “pressure waves” to increase blood flow to the soft tissue that is being treated. This accelerates the natural healing process considerably. The blood brings the essential nutrients needed for your cells to repair themselves and eliminate the damage. As your feet heal, they experience less pain and you are able to return to your normal activities. Studies show this is highly effective for treating persistent tendon pain, like in plantar fasciitis or Achilles’ tendinitis, though other soft tissues in the foot have also benefited from it. Some literature even suggests it could be useful for stimulating better recovery in fractures or slow-healing joint fusions.

How is it Done?

EPAT Shock Wave Therapy for Heel Pain ReliefThe EPAT is suggested after Dr. Joel W. Brook, Dr. David R. Northcutt, Dr. Irene Arroyo and Dr. John Baca have had a chance to examine your feet and your pain thoroughly. If your discomfort is severe and persistent, this remedy may be a good fit for you. At your appointment, gel similar to that used for ultrasounds will be applied to the affected area of your foot. A wand or applicator is moved gently in circles over the area experiencing pain. The device pulses waves of energy into the tissues, stimulating their natural healing processes. The whole procedure is relatively quick—most last about fifteen minutes. Generally the pain is taken care of after three treatments, though more may be necessary depending on your condition. Studies have documented up to 80-90% success rates for relieving soft tissue pain in the feet and ankles using this technology.

What are the Risks of EPAT?

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for medical treatment, though still not always accepted by insurance companies, this technology is noninvasive—no anesthesia, stiches, or long recoveries necessary. The procedure is performed in-office with no risk of infection and minimal side effects. Some people do experience discomfort, but generally that dissipates after a few days. After you have received treatment, you should be able to walk out of the office without any limitations for putting weight on your foot. You will need to rest, but after a couple of days you should be able to return to your normal activities. You may be sore if you use your feet strenuously, but in general you should have no restrictions.

If you have regular, persistent foot and ankle discomfort, don’t just let it go. You can eliminate your pain with a little care and treatment. Even if other conservative remedies have not been effective, this treatment uses your body’s natural resources to speed up your recovery and allow you to return to your normal life without pain. Instead of ignoring the problem, contact Dallas Podiatry Works for an appointment or more information by visiting the online contact page or by calling either office: (972) 566-7474 to reach us in Dallas; (972) 943-3323 for the Plano location.

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