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Do you have pain radiating across the bottom of your foot during a workout?

Your feet are incredibly designed, able to withstand extreme amounts of stress. During exercise, the impact that your feet have to endure can result in pain and discomfort. Arch pain is a common complaint treated at Dallas Podiatry Works in Dallas, TX. Foot specialists, Drs. Joel Brook and David Northcutt, help athletes and fitness enthusiasts on a regular basis who come in with pain in their instep.

Why does exercise make my arches sore?

Your arches are designed to be shock absorbers for your feet. There are several factors that can cause pain in this area. Three predominant reasons for arch pain involve the anatomy of your feet, your footwear and the types of activities you are doing. Your feet may have a flattened arch or a high arch. If you are experiencing bouts of pain during or after exercise, you may be wearing a shoe that is not properly supporting your foot structure. Drs. Brook and Northcutt can advise you on the best shoe for your feet. The shoes you wear during the day can stress your feet as well. Some find that shoes with a bit of a heel feel better when they have heel or arch pain, but wear these judiciously. Orthotics worn in the shoes are often helpful in providing long term relief of arch pain.

High impact activities that involve running and jumping have a significant impact on your feet. Repetitive stress in combination with foot structure and poor footwear could be the reason for sore arches. Plantar fasciitis is also a common reason for arch pain. This is when the plantar fascia, a strong band of tissue that runs along your arch, becomes inflamed and sore.

Drs. Brook and Northcutt at Dallas Podiatry Works can diagnose your foot pain provide the relief you need! Contact us today at (972) 566-7474 in Dallas, TX or (972) 943-3323 in Plano, TX.

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