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The Challenge: Taking Care of Children’s Nails

pediatric foot care dallas txIf you have children in Pre-K through Grade 5, then perhaps you will be interested in the Dallas Zoo’s Spring Break Camp program that runs from March 9 – 13. Every day of the camp has a different theme and is packed from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm with educational, exciting tours, games, and up close animal encounters. There are various tasks to get them prepared for their zoological adventure, but don’t forget about trimming your children’s nails!

Trimming nails may seem like merely a cosmetic activity, but it is actually a part of responsible kid’s health practices. Your children’s nails are susceptible to conditions that are better off being avoided when possible, including ingrown nailsand toenail fungus. Trimming toenails properly will help prevent them from becoming ingrown and potentially leading to infection and complications.

Instead of rounding off the nails, be sure to clip them straight across and even with the edge of the toe. Toenails that are too short or rounded can possibly grow into the soft skin that flanks the nails. This provides an opening into the body for microorganisms that you do not want in there!

Proper nail clipping techniques are not the only way to prevent ingrown toenails. Since they can also be caused by shoes that fit too tight, be sure to choose comfortable footwear that has room in the toe box. Buying shoes that fit well also wards off a bunch of other common foot problems, too.

In addition to ingrown nails, help ensure that your children do not develop fungal nails. Toenail fungus is often contracted in public places like locker rooms or pool decks where people often walk around barefoot. One tactic to help prevent an infection is to buy your children sandals or shower shoes that they can wear in such places. Let them know not to share towels, socks, and shoes with anyone else, as this is a way fungus can be transmitted.

Follow these steps to keep your children’s nails healthy, and remember, if you need to enlist professional help, we are here for you. Whether you would like additional tips, or if your child needs treatment for ingrown or fungal nails, Dallas Podiatry Works can provide the care you need. Contact our Dallas and Plano, TX offices by calling 972.566.7474 or make an appointment online.

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