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Have you ever thought of taking a leap on a flying trapeze? If you live in Dallas, TX you can! Skyline Trapeze welcomes aerial arts enthusiasts of all skill levels—or those brave enough to try—to come out for a session. Whether it is taking to the air, running on the ground in a local 5K race, or even a workout at the gym, it is not easy to stay active if you have nagging heel pain. There are many reasons heel discomfort can develop, but with the right treatment from Dallas Podiatry Works, you can maintain an active lifestyle without it.

Be Active Without Heel PainHeel pain can occur from Achilles tendonitis, bursitis, a fracture, a heel spur, pinched nerve, arthritis, or plantar fasciitis, to name a few of the many causes. Depending on the nature of your condition or injury, it is often wise to take some time off from activity to give the area a chance to heal. Apply ice packs to the area, and we can recommend the right anti-inflammatory medication to control any swelling. With a heel injury, you don’t have to give up an active lifestyle altogether; you just may need to make some modifications. Avoiding high impact activities can keep your discomfort to a minimum and help prevent re-injury. Cross train with swimming and cycling, both of which are great forms of exercise that will boost your heart rate and keep your body lean and strong.

You can reduce the impact on your feet with the use of inserts or custom orthoticsin your shoes, too. They not only work to keep your feet stabilized and supported, but also offer extra cushioning to help absorb shock each time your foot strikes the ground. With plantar fasciitis, splints worn at night can also prepare your feet for the next day’s plans, as well as stretching and strengthening exercises.

We want you enjoying your life to the fullest, so contact Dallas Podiatry Works if you have been suffering with heel pain. Call Dr. Joel W. Brook, Dr. David R. Northcutt, Dr. Irene Arroyo and Dr. John Baca in Dallas, TX at (972) 566-7474 or in Plano, TX at (972) 943-3323 for an appointment today.

"I did 3 EPAT treatments and it gave me tremendous relief from my plantar fasciitis. I highly recommend this for anyone who is dealing with PF. Also, the physical therapist Dr. Brook sent me too is fantastic. I am definitely on the mend and so glad I did EPAT."- All H. 5 star all h
"Dr Northcutt is a fantastic physician. My first surgery with him (although painful), went very well. A couple of issues (with his staff) needed to be corrected, I appreciated his calm and professional demeanor and he corrected those issues promptly. He sets the bar high (the mark of a great physician), and that is the key reason why I'm coming back to him to correct my other foot. I would highly recommend him."- She B. 5 star
"The staff at Dallas Podiatry Works could not have been more courteous, helpful, and professional in doing their job. They made me feel comfortable when I was there, which is certainly appreciated. They answered all the questions that I had and just made each visit the most pleasurable that it could be. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of care."- Joseph B. 5 star
"My experience was a good one from pre-op to post -op. I saw the doctor right before my surgery.He explained the process to me and my husband. The recovery nurse was great. It was neither crowded or chaotic as some day surgery centers. My foot is doing well as I follow instructions. I look forward to my one week progress visit!"- Patricia T.5 star
"I had dealt with a painful foot problem for five months and had seen three different Doctors before seeing an article in D Magazine about Dr. Joel Brook. Dr. Brook took one look at my foot, explained the causes for my pain and set me up on a successful treatment plan. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and exhibits a caring attitude. I highly recommend him."- Ginger W. 5 star
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