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Are Ballet Flats Better for Bunions?

Are Ballet Flats Better for Bunions?Celebrity feet disasters can happen to anyone and bunions are an unsightly foot problem some haven’t been able to escape—Victoria Beckham, Uma Thurman, and Katie Holmes are true beauties that have been photographed in their best but have had their foot deformity stealing the spotlight. Towering high heels are culprits for turning bunions from bad to worse, but ballet flats aren’t much help either. So, what should you wear?

A bunion is a deformity of the joint at the base of the big toe and is most often caused by inheriting a faulty foot structure—yes, you may have your parents to blame! The first metatarsal joint pushes outward and the big toe leans inward, creating the telltale bunion bump on the side of the foot. It is a progressive problem that will get worse over time if you don’t protect your feet. As we mentioned, high heels are a type of shoe that can make this condition worse. The tight toe box squishes toes while the tall heel shifts your body weight onto the ball of the foot. When your structure is already compromised because of the bunion, this just adds more stress and pain onto the joint.

All of this may lead you to think that flats would be best, since they’re the total opposite of high platforms. The truth is, they can be dangerous too. First of all, the soles are thin and offer little to no protection and support. When the arch of your foot has no support, it can’t effectively distribute weight each time it strikes the ground, which alters the biomechanics of the lower leg. Your feet will feel fatigued and you could develop arch and heel pain, as well as knee, hip, and lower back discomfort. A flat may also fit too snugly around the bunion. If the shoe is too loose, your toes tend to scrunch to keep it from flopping off your heel, which can also aggravate a bunion. It is best to wear a quality leather shoe with a roomy toe box and sturdy heel counter.

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