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Back to School Shopping- Fitting Children’s Shoes

fitting childrens shoesIs your family taking in every last ounce of summer vacation? As August draws to a close, some kids are itching to get back to school while others dread the unavoidable first day of school. Parents play a big role in all of these preparations. Proper footwear and fitting children’s shoesshould actually be on the top of the list in front of binders, book bags, and colored pencils.

Packing well-balanced, healthy lunches will help keep your kids healthy. Couple that with the right pair of shoes for each activity and they’ll be on the right start to having a healthy, happy year! An ill-fitting pair of shoes could increase their risk for injury, pain, and cause them to withdraw from activity. To avoid this, take your child with you when you go shopping. Shoes need to be tried on with the socks they will be wearing. Don’t make assumptions on their foot size—young feet often grow faster than you think.

Do not settle on shoes that may need a “break-in” period, no matter how good of a sale you find. It may also be tempting to buy a pair that your child can grow into. However, when shoes are too big, he or she may trip and get blisters from the shoes rubbing.

While it may also be easier on the pocketbook to share shoes between kids, it is important to remember that their foot structure can vary. Not only do shoes wear down over time, but a certain pair may not fit another child like they should. If you have a child that will be in sports, make sure you buy the appropriate shoes for that sport. This is for improved performance but also for safety from injury.

If you have any concerns about your child’s foot health for the upcoming school year, please contact Dallas Podiatry Works. We can ensure your whole family stays pain-free with healthy feet. Call Dr. Joel W. Brook, Dr. David R. Northcutt, Dr. Irene Arroyo and Dr. John Baca in Dallas, TX, at (972) 566-7474, in Plano, TX, at (972) 943-3323, or request an appointment online.

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I had a problem with my ankle and called the office to see about getting an appointment sometime this week. I was thoroughly pleased when they were able to work me into their busy schedule on the same day !!! Thank you to the staff and Dr. Northcutt.*

Alonzo S.

The staff at Dallas Podiatry Works could not have been more courteous, helpful, and professional in doing their job. They made me feel comfortable when I was there, which is certainly appreciated. They answered all the questions that I had and just made each visit the most pleasurable that it could be. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of foot care.*

Joseph B.

I was fortunate to happen upon Dallas Podiatry Works, where I got Dr. Northcutt to help me. Can’t say enough good about him: he was nice, kind, and a good listener. That last is a particularly important trait. My foot got better under his care, and I felt respected as a patient and a person. The clinic staff is helpful and clear as well. I highly recommend Dallas Podiatry Works.*

Cara D.

Dr. Northcutt is absolutely a true Godsend for me. On top of that, he is a true professional and has great patient skills. Never condescending or impersonal. He sincerely spend time with you and explains why you may have the symptoms and how to take care of them. Gosh, he even shakes hands with the patient, introduces himself and even says goodbye. Usually, not the norm!!!*

Patrick G.

Thank you for your quick response to my problem. I fully expected to come in and get the run around and be scheduled for another appointment to come back for the ingrown toe nail to be fixed. I was quit surprised when a single visit and you had me out the door with no more pain. Again, thanks so much.*

David J.

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