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Loub Job: Insoles for Your Soles. Rejuvenating and Relieving Your Feet

Sore feet can make any day more difficult. You don’t want to stand or walk around for too long because you’re uncomfortable, but you don’t want to be stuck sitting down and avoiding your activities, either. A little extra cushioning for feet would work wonders. You can add basic insoles to your shoes, but they may or may not be enough. Improving your natural padding, however, adds protection at the source of your troubles.

The Problem

Injectable Insoles for Forefoot PainYour feet have a natural way of protecting themselves from your body weight and the hard surfaces beneath them. You have a cushion of fatty tissue that lines the bottom of your foot, padding the sole. It’s especially thick in the areas with the greatest contact with the ground, like the heels and the balls of the feet. Over time, with age and general wear and tear, this padding becomes compressed and atrophied. It isn’t able to protect your feet quite as well.

You begin to feel the discomfort of the pressure on your lower limbs.

Shoes choices don’t always help, either. Footwear without enough padding of its own, or that strains your physical structures, exacerbates the problem. High heels are common culprits in making this wear and tear worse, since they force extra weight to the balls of the feet. The slow breakdown of the natural padding can be especially painful for some people. It’s harder for them to spend extended periods of time on their feet or in their favorite shoes. Fortunately, foot pain and boutique experts Dr. Joel W. Brook, Dr. David R. Northcutt, Dr. Irene Arroyo and Dr. John Baca have a solution that can significantly improve your comfort and restore your lower limbs: The Loub Job. This process involves the injection of dermal fillers into your soles, to function as natural “insoles” and help protect your feet from weight and pressure.

The Solution

loub job in Dallas TX and Plano TXFirst, the physicians work to determine the causes behind your discomfort. Any deformities, inflammation, or infections will need to be addressed first before attempting a procedure to restore your cushioning. If you have a structural or functional issue that puts extra strain on the lower limbs, they will investigate it. If the problem is related to your shoe choice, or a combination of issues, they will also work with you to see what can be corrected to maximize your comfort. Once the doctors have determined you will still benefit from this injection procedure, you can move forward with treatment.

Dr. Joel W. Brook, Dr. David R. Northcutt, Dr. Irene Arroyo and Dr. John Baca use two different FDA-approved biodegradable dermal fillers to plump up your natural cushioning: Juvederm and Sculptra. Juvederm is a special gel made up of Hyaluronic acid that instantly thickens and pads the tissue in the affected areas. It offers quick relief for painful feet, though the results are not long-lasting. Sculptra is made of poly-L-lactic acid that stimulates the production of collagen, or connective tissue, and naturally boosts your soles. This effect lasts much longer. Usually the thinning and uncomfortable areas of your feet are injected with the Juvederm first. Then, if the results are favorable, the physicians recommend Sculptra for a natural-feeling insole that lasts upwards of 9-12 months. The procedure is completed under local anesthesia and you may have some soreness for a few days following the injections, but complications are rare and the results excellent.

When your feet are feeling all the miles your put on them, you don’t have to resign yourself to a new reality. You don’t have to give up on your favorite footwear, either. With a little care and expert intervention, you can restore your lower limbs to a more youthful, beautiful state. Say good-bye to sore feet by contacting Dallas Podiatry Works for an appointment or more information. Call either of our two offices—(972) 566-7474 for the Dallas location, or (972) 943-3323 for the Plano office—or visit the online contact page to reach us.

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