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Developing a Feet First Mentality Can Help With Other Ailments

Develop a Feet First MentalityIt seems like a long stretch to go from fallen arches to lower back pain. However, when you stop to consider the biomechanics involved, it’s not so far-fetched at all. Simply stated, biomechanics is the study of a living body in motion and how the muscles, bones, joints, tendons and ligaments work together to create motion. When any one part is deficient in its strength or capability, it places extra unnecessary burden on other body parts to make up for it.

Back pain can be a bit of an enigma. Here today, gone tomorrow and worse than ever the next night. Unless the exact cause of the pain can be readily determined, it may be difficult to diagnose other than lower back pain. Your doctor may have to begin ordering tests to rule out difference in leg length, sciatica or spinal degeneration. Have a thorough foot examination by the podiatrists at Dallas Podiatry Works. Perhaps the source of your pain is not in your lower back, but rather in your feet and the biomechanics that occur between your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back. Back pain is one of many problems that can result because of flat feet and over-pronation (excessive inward roll).

If it is confirmed, during a thorough foot evaluation, that your feet are the source of your lower back pain, you may actually be in luck. This could be solved by a change in footwear, or perhaps custom orthotics that could reposition your body and with the new alignment correct the posture that is causing back pain. Once a diagnosis and recommendation is made, your sport store that sells running shoes should be able to make suggestions for motion control shoes that can make a correction that will allow you to move pain free.

It is possible the shoe itself will not provide all of the necessary correction, and Drs. Brook or Northcutt may need to prescribe custom orthotics. They do biomechanical analysis and functional orthotic fabrication that can allow you to move pain free. They have the experience and capability to observe, test and correctly diagnose you. Call Dallas Podiatry Works at 972.566.7474 for an appointment.

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