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Metatarsalgia: When Ball of Foot Pain Becomes Unbearable

Metatarsalgia: Ball of Foot PainMetatarsalgia is a condition characterized by sharp aching and sometimes burning pain right behind the toes. Other distinguishing characteristics manifest themselves such as:

  • Pain becomes less when you are at rest and gets significantly more noticeable when you walk
  • Pain when running or other impact exercises
  • Pain while flexing your foot.


On occasion you may experience a numbness or pins and needles sensation in your toes. You are more apt to develop Metatarsalgia if you:

  • Engage in intense exercise
  • Wear high heels
  • Pack a few extra pounds
  • Have another foot injury or condition that has altered your weight bearing


Metatarsalgia is not usually serious although any foot ailment that can sideline you should be taken seriously. It may not require medical treatment, but you may wish to try the following to see if symptoms ease up:

  • Change shoes
  • Add cushioning insoles
  • Metatarsal pads
  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Over-the-counter pain medication
  • Arch supports – try over-the-counter or custom made to fit your foot perfectly


If you’ve tried resting the affected foot for a couple of days and are not getting relief from your pain, consider a visit to Dr. Brook or Dr. Northcutt. If left untreated Metatarsalgia can cause pain in other parts of the foot or other locations in the body such as knees, hips and lower back. Other foot problems have similar symptoms as Metatarsalgia, so in addition to your doctor’s examination of your foot, further diagnostic tests, such as x-rays, may be required to rule out other possible problems like stress fractures and confirm the diagnosis.

Only qualified physicians like Drs. Brook and Northcutt can determine the exact cause of your foot pain. Call Dallas Podiatry Works for an appointment at (972) 566-7474 in Dallas or (972) 943-3323 Baylor/Plano. You supply the sore feet and they’ll supply the remedy!

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