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Plantar Warts: Visible Foot Viruses

Warts are stubborn, unsightly skin growths that can appear anywhere on your body, including the bottom of your feet. They can be hard to get rid of, but they don’t have to take over. Several conservative treatments have been very successful for eliminating the bumps and preventing them from returning.

Skin Viruses

Treating Unsightly Plantar WartsWarts are benign skin growths caused by a strain of the human papilloma virus (HPV) that invades the body through tiny breaks in the skin. When they develop on the bottom of your feet, they are called plantar warts. Since the virus thrives in warm, damp environments, the feet can become a quick breeding ground. The growths can spread fairly easily, too—you can pick up the virus in public places like locker rooms, community showers, pools, and saunas. Lesions on the bottom of your feet tend to be flattened and hard, with well-defined edges. The skin there becomes very rough and may appear grey or brown in color, with little spots of black toward the center.

Though generally considered harmless, they can be quite painful. Your body weight pressing on them can influence the skin to grow inward, under a thick callus. This pushes the lesion against soft tissues causing discomfort. They are also resistant to many treatments, and they can reoccur or even multiply into clusters. Successfully eliminating the growths from your feet while reducing your chances of reinfection requires intentional, high-quality treatment.

Reducing the Growths

Many over-the-counter products exist for treating warts—unfortunately, they aren’t quite as effective for the thicker skin on the bottom of your feet as they might be elsewhere. You will need stronger treatments from trained professionals to truly eliminate the condition and lower your odds for its reoccurrence. When you come in for an appointment, Dr. Joel W. Brook and Dr. David R. Northcutt will examine your feet and the spot to diagnose it correctly and eliminate the possibility that it might be a different problem. Once the lesion and your discomfort have been reviewed, the doctors can advise you about possible treatment options.

One of the most common methods of treatment is freezing the affected spot. The doctor applies a topical solution that freezes and kills the virus there. Another possibility is laser treatment. Dallas Podiatry Works uses the Q-Clear Laser™ to carefully heat and kill the virus in your skin without needing anesthesia. Other treatment options include medicines to boost your immune system, direct injections to the lesion, and in some cases, a surgical excision of the spot.

If you have painful skin growths on the bottoms of your feet, you don’t have to suffer. Have those spots treated and eliminated so that your skin is restored to health. Don’t wait and allow the virus that causes plantar warts to spread elsewhere on your feet or to your family members. Contact Dallas Podiatry Works for an appointment or more information, and take care of your feet. Visit our website contact page, or call either of our two office locations to reach us:  for the Dallas office, call (972) 566-7474; for the Plano location, call (972) 943-3323.

Dr. Joel W. Brook
Dr. Joel Brook is a board-certified podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon at Dallas Podiatry Works in TX.