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Understanding Different Types of Heel Pain

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Did you know that your heel bone is the largest bone in your foot? If you have heel problems you definitely know how painful and debilitating heel pain can be! Your heel takes a beating as it absorbs much of the shock and pressure put on your feet on a daily basis.

Knowing what might be the cause of your heel pain is the first step in finding the right course of treatment. Drs. Joel Brook and David Northcutt, foot specialists in Dallas and Plano, TX diagnose and treat heel pain on a daily basis. Some of the common reasons patients have heel pain include:


A bursa is a small fluid filled sac acts as a shock absorber in your foot. Bursitis develops when the bursa become inflamed due to too much pressure. The fat pad on the bottom of your feet can thin over time also leading the bursa in your foot to become inflamed.

Heel Spurs

Types of Heel PainWhen your plantar fascia stretches and pulls away from the heel bone, calcium deposits can form causing a heel spur. People with flat feet are particularly at risk for this condition. Wearing high heels on a regular basis can also increase your risk for developing heel spurs.

Stone Bruise

Blunt trauma or an impact injury to your heel can cause a deep contusion to occur in the tissues of your heel. You may not see it but it is there. The bruise may cause you to feel as though you are constantly walking on a pebble. It can be very painful and require rest, ice, elevation, anti-inflammatories and patience while it heals.

There is never a need to reside to hobbling around with heel pain. If these symptoms above describe what you are going through, we have the treatment you need! Call our podiatric office in Dallas (972) 566-7474 or Plano (972) 943-3323 or schedule an appointment online.

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Dr. Joel W. Brook
Dr. Joel Brook is a board-certified podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon at Dallas Podiatry Works in TX.

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