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Types of Lisfranc Injuries

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In our previous blog post, we took a look at the midfoot region known as the Lisfranc joint complex. We find that most people are more familiar with the forefoot (ball of foot and toes) and the hindfoot (heel and ankle), but the middle section tends to be a bit of a mystery. If you sustain one of the various types of midfoot injuries, though, you will quickly become acquainted with the area!

Let’s take a look at the various Lisfranc joint complex injuries, how they can develop, and what symptoms can be experienced.

In most instances, a midfoot injury develops in response to an abnormal twisting motion in the foot. It is usually sustained when your foot is flexed downward and you stumble over the top of it, often during a sporting event or activity. Some cases happen as the result of direct trauma, such as a fall from a height, and these tend to be more severe than those that happen from low-energy incidents.

Some of the more common midfoot injuries include:

  • Properly Wrapping a Sports InjurySprains – A sprain is a soft-tissue injury that happens to a ligament. There are many ligaments that help keep the bones in the Lisfranc joint complex in place, and they can become sprained when extended beyond their intended range of motion.
  • Fractures – Bones found in the midfoot can become fractured. This can either be the result of heavy trauma or an accumulation of force over time (stress fractures).
  • Dislocations – Some midfoot injuries cause the bones that make up the joint complex to move out of proper alignment.

A swollen top of the foot, bruising (on the both the top and bottom of the foot), and pain that worsens while walking or even standing are some of the symptoms that will indicate that you have sustained one of these midfoot injuries.

When midfoot pain strikes from a Lisfranc injury, come to Dallas Podiatry Works. We will provide an accurate diagnosis and then create an effective treatment plan to address your symptoms and put you on the path to recovery. This process starts when you call us toll-free at (888) 716-5283 or schedule an appointment with either our Plano or Dallas, TX offices online. If you have any questions or require additional information, contact us today.

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