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Pregnancy Pedicures: Are They Safe?

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Make sure you are informed when you get your pedicures.DFW Child compiles various resources to help new and expecting mothers in the Dallas-Fort Worth community, including helping you to know the best places to meet other moms, where to find the best childbirth classes, and the best stores for splurging on furniture and clothes for your baby. This is a valuable service because it can be hard to keep track of everything during (and after!) a pregnancy. Some mothers-to-be have difficulty tracking which practices are healthy during these nine months, so let’s examine one issue for you: are pedicures safe during pregnancy?

First, pedicures can actually be a good way to relax, take a load off of your hard-working feet, and boost your confidence. We know that having your feet carefully attended to can make you feel better—mentally and physically. Freshly-painted nails and carefully-massaged feet look and feel great, especially during pregnancy. There are some things to keep in mind, though, including:

  • Chemicals – Check on the chemicals used in the products for the services you are having performed. If they contain toluene, formaldehyde, acetone, or other questionable materials, skip them. A good idea is to simply ask for a chemical-free manicure.

  • Ventilation – Make sure that any nail salon you visit while pregnant has a robust ventilation system so you do not inhale harmful chemicals being used on other patrons.

  • Food and drink – Obviously, you need to pass on any alcoholic beverages if you go to a salon that offers such libations, but any type of drink or food served in a salon can put you at risk for exposure to chemicals.

A major concern, and this extends to non-pregnant ladies as well, is walking out of a nail salon having contracted a fungal infection. Nail technicians are supposed to follow the sanitary procedures that salons are supposed to have established, but “supposed to” doesn’t always mean it gets done or is performed correctly. A salon can have the best possible procedures, but they are useless if not followed in the proper manner.

There is an option for a safe, enjoyable pedicure experience while pregnant – our MediCureNow services! The professionals in our office pamper your feet, but without the risks that come from visiting a regular nail salon. Plus, we guarantee you will love hearing your friends exclaim “Wow! Your feet look super cute!”

Schedule your MediCureNow appointment at Dallas Podiatry Works by calling us toll-free at (888) 716-5283 or use our online form to contact us.

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