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The Price Paid For These Shoes -- Way Too High!

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The research continues to pile in, but women continue to ignore the fact that what they pay in money for high fashion shoes is nothing compared to the price they pay in pain in later years. There has to be some sort of happy medium here, isn’t there?

Regardless of the shoe on your foot, it alters the natural bio mechanics of the body and changes the original plan of how you were intended to walk. Even when the best-designed athletic shoes are examined and all the high feature selling points are contemplated (you know, added arch cushion, rocker toes, etc.) the shoe design alters the way our foot was intended to be used. In a perfect world you would use your entire foot to complete a step, the final phase being your toes gripping the ground and pushing off to propel you forward. How can this movement occur if your foot is crammed into an ill-fitting shoe where the end shape of the shoe looks nothing like the end shape of the foot? Why torture yourselves?  It’s torture, just the pain is temporarily delayed.

High Heels and PainFor women, following Hollywood’s fashion trends is fun and exciting but high heels for one, are poor choices for a number of reasons. Consider the fact that when the foot is forced out of position that far, it shortens the Achilles tendon. The body is forced into a forward position placing an unnatural amount of force on the front of the foot. This invites plantar fasciitis, neuromas, bunions and other common foot ailments.  With the shortening of the tendons, once high heels are discarded, it can then be painful to walk in a flat shoe.

The night of the Oscars, every woman coming down the red carpet was complaining that her feet hurt, or was carrying her shoes as opposed to wearing them.  Podiatrists in Los Angeles are probably kept on a stipend retainer to ensure an early morning appointment the following day and most of the people complaining were fairly young. Good thing to know they have a lot of life ahead of them that will be spent in discomfort and denial.

Fortunately, it might not be too late for you, and expert podiatrists, Drs. Brook and Northcutt at Dallas Podiatry Works specialize in all aspects of foot and ankle problems. They can conduct a thorough evaluation of your feet and with a myriad of treatment options at their fingertips, can get you started on a course of treatment that may be your saving grace. Call them today at (972) 566-7474 in Dallas, or (972) 943-3323 in Baylor/Plano. Their healing hands can begin to correct your shoe mistakes.

If you have followed a certain “Hollywood trend” and suffered for it, we would love to hear your foot story. Did you develop pain or an injury, and if so, what treatment were you given?

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Dr. Joel W. Brook
Dr. Joel Brook is a board-certified podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon at Dallas Podiatry Works in TX.

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