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What to Know About Summer Footwear and Your Feet

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It’s late May in Dallas, which means it’s already hot and only getting hotter. When the needle is pushing 100 degrees more days than not, it can seem almost criminal to stuff your feet inside a sweaty pair of loafers or boots. (In addition to being uncomfortable, it’s a great way to pick up a fungal infection.) On the other hand, wearing flimsy flip flops for days on end can be problematic for your feet, too.

ShoesBelow, you’ll find a few footwear tips for navigating the sweltering summer heat safely and comfortably.

Forestalling Fungus

As we said, sweaty shoes can be a magnet for colonies of bacteria and fungi. So during the summer, it’s especially important to take precaution.

  • For the days you need to wear closed-toed shoes, pick pairs made from breathable fabrics and match them with moisture-wicking socks.
  • It would also be wise to have a couple of pairs of everyday shoes that you can rotate between, giving each pair a chance to dry out every other day. Antifungal powders and sprays may also be wise if you have a history of athlete’s foot or fungal nails.
  • Practice good hygiene, washing feet at least daily and changing socks as often as necessary to keep them from getting damp.

Being Smart about Sandals

Let’s be honest: most of the time, you’re probably going to ditch the big boxy shoes and go open-toed. But you’ll need to be careful here, too.

  • Flip flops are okay for an hour or two around the pool or a backyard party, but you don’t want to be walking around all day in them. They offer no support whatsoever and force you into an unnatural walking gait, which will ultimately lead to pain.
  • If you’re going to be out for a longer while, find a practical, ergonomic pair of sandals that offers cushioning for your heels and support for your arc, and won’t flop about when you step. There are plenty of sandals to choose from that are both cute and functional—we promise!
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen! The tops of feet are often ignored, but they are extremely vulnerable to the sun’s damaging rays. Make sure you’re applying protection as often as necessary throughout the day.
  • If you have diabetes, neuropathy, or another condition affecting foot health, be very wary about wearing sandals. Although they offer some protection, it’s still very easy for rocks, dirt, and other debris to get past. We’d recommend you stick with closed toed shoes, but if you do go out in sandals make sure you’re checking your feet regularly for cuts, scratches, blisters, and other injuries.

The whole team at Dallas Podiatry Works wishes you a fun and foot-healthy summer in 2017! If you have any concerns you’d like to share with us or need treatment for a new or ongoing foot issue, please give us a call today at (888) 716-5283.

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