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QClear™ Laser – The Light Saber of the Podiatric World

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The Q Clear LaserIt may sound farfetched to compare one of our most efficient tools to a Star Wars weapon, but when it comes to quick, efficient defense against one of the most common foot problems, the QClear™ laser goes unmatched.

We have compassion for our patients who spend too much time hiding their feet or being embarrassed by ugly fungal toenails. It is for this reason that we are always searching for the best forms of treatment possible, and why we offer the state-of-the-art QClear™ laser technique at Dallas Podiatry Works. This amazing technique is able to destroy the ugly fungus that is ruining the health of your toenails. The laser procedure involves an infrared laser light that passes through the nail directly to target the underlying fungus. It does not damage the nail or surrounding skin. It is virtually pain free and has a high rate of success – an 80-90% effectiveness record!

The severity of your fungal problem will dictate how many treatments you may need. A mild case may only require one visit, where a more severe case may need three or four to truly get rid of the fungus. It does not take long for your new, healthy nail to grow back out. So, what are you waiting for? Attack your fungal nails with a vengeance with our quick, painless and effective QClear™ laser and get your beautiful toenails back. We can’t fail to mention as well that many of our patients have also seen dramatic improvement with warts, vascular lesions, spider veins, scars and even tattoos with this procedure.

Contact Drs. Joel W. Brook and David R. Northcutt for diagnosis and treatment. Call our office in Dallas, TX at (972) 566-7474 or in Plano, TX at (972) 943-3323. If you have a foot problem that needs to be resolved, don’t wait – life is too short to hide your feet! May the force (and the QClear™ laser) be with you!

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Dr. Joel W. Brook
Dr. Joel Brook is a board-certified podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon at Dallas Podiatry Works in TX.

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