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Why You Should Always Opt for a Medical Pedicure

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People like to associate pedicures with luxury. They’re a fun and relaxing way to pamper your feet. What’s not fun and relaxing, of course, are the risks of infections and poor nail care that can come with going to a traditional salon. Unless they have excellent sanitation and technicians with extensive training so they’re less likely to make painful mistakes, that spa day may not be worth your time. That’s why, when you’re looking for a way to care for your lower limbs, a medical pedicure is your best option.

Always go for a medical pedicure

Medical pedicures are a safer approach to pampering your feet. Under the supervised care of an experienced foot expert, your nails and skin get the safe, healthy care they need without the high risk for infection. The spa area and all the tools are sanitized and sterilized to medical standards in between every person, so no fungus or bacteria passes between patients. This makes it a safe option for everyone, including people with health issues that might otherwise prevent them from getting a pedicure.

Because you’re being treated by foot experts, your skin and nails receive the kind of care that will benefit them the most. You nails will be carefully trimmed and shaped to make sure they are the right length and unlikely to become ingrown. Your skin will be expertly exfoliated to eliminate rough patches and manage corns or calluses without harming the healthy areas. Then your feet can be treated with high-quality moisturizers to promote smooth, healthy skin.

More than all this, however, is that—since you’re being pampered by foot experts—any abnormalities or issues with your skin or nails can be caught right away and treated. Whether it’s a new ingrown nail, the early stages of fungus, a wart, or some other problem, specialists like our team at Dallas Podiatry Works will recognize it and make sure you get professional care right away.

Medical pedicures aren’t just for people with foot problems. They are a safe alternative to a traditional salon, so you can relax and enjoy your pampering without the worry about infections. Our medical pedicure team at Dallas Podiatry Works specializes in skin and nail care and know exactly what your feet need to be their best. Contact our Dallas or Plano offices for more information about getting a medical pedicure today. Use our website or call (972) 566-7474 for our Dallas office and (972) 943-3323 for our Plano location. 

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Dr. Joel W. Brook
Dr. Joel Brook is a board-certified podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon at Dallas Podiatry Works in TX.

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