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Reduce Pain from Your Super Cute Pumps

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“These high heels are killing me!”

As long as you aren’t being literal—and we strongly advise seeking immediate help if you are—Dallas Podiatry Works is fully prepared to treat your high heel pain. Better yet, we can help you avoid it in the first place!

End high heel painYou can look this up in various prestigious medical journals, but it’s a scientific fact that women suffer for fashion. Those “super cute” pumps are suddenly deemed as worth the pain when your date’s eyes light up as he sees you coming down the stairs. We understand. Our understanding alone, however, doesn’t make those high heels any more comfortable for you – what does is a procedure known as a “Loub job.”

Gaining traction as a nickname based on shoe designer Christian Louboutin’s name, a Loub job is simply another way of referring to dermal filling for your feet. This is a safe, effective procedure we are able to perform in-office for you.

“Wait—so you’re saying that ‘injectable insoles’ can take away the pain that comes with wearing pumps?”

Yep. Here’s a quick look at how it works:

Your feet have natural pads of cushioning in the soles, but these pads lose their effectiveness over time and you feel this when you wear high heels. What we do is start by evaluating your feet and determining if you would benefit from a Loub job. If so, we will proceed.

(If not, we will simply use alternative methods to provide the pain relief you need.)

We enhance your natural padding with the use of two different biodegradable, FDA-approved fillers – Juvederm and Sculptra. First, we inject the Juvederm—which does not last as long as Sculptra—to provide immediate relief, and then we will evaluate the results. If you are happy with the enhanced cushioning, we will likely recommend using Sculptra as a longer-lasting solution to your foot pain.

“Thank you, Dallas Podiatry Works. You guys are the best ever!”

Well, “best ever” might be a little much, but we do pride ourselves on providing first-class podiatric care and services for each and every one of our patients!  

When you suffer with pain and discomfort that accompanies wearing high heels, a Loub job might provide the relief you are seeking. Call us toll free today at (888) 716-5283 to find out more or schedule an appointment at either our Dallas or Plano, TX offices.

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Dr. Joel W. Brook
Dr. Joel Brook is a board-certified podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon at Dallas Podiatry Works in TX.

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