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Best Ways to Improve Circulation

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Your feet and ankles are further from the heart than any other points on your body. As such, it is especially important that blood is able to flow to them and deliver nutrients and oxygen and then return up to the heart without any unnecessary obstacles or difficulty. When you recognize that this is not happening effectively, it’s time to make some changes that will increase blood flow throughout your body.

We’ve previously discussed some of the common causes of poor blood flow, but today we are going to look at the best ways to improve circulation. When it comes this arena, the good news is that many simple lifestyle changes can have a huge effect. These include:

Exercising with PilatesExercise regularly. When you make the decision to become more active, it is important to gradually progress in levels of intensity and exercise duration. Starting out by trying to do too much might actually cause more harm than good. Instead, begin with taking a 15 minute walk a couple of times during the week. Use this as a base and then slowly build up a little more each week. Want help? We can provide assistance with creating a workout plan that meets your needs.

Eat well. Dietary choices make a huge impact in physical conditioning. Planning meals that are based on low-fat, minimally-processed foods is a great way to promote healthy blood flow and improve your overall levels of physical wellness. Specific foods to include in your heart-healthy diet include oranges, sunflower seeds, salmon, avocados, watermelon, garlic, ginger, dark chocolate, cayenne pepper, and goji berries.

Give up tobacco use. Quitting smoking is hard, but so are many things in life that are worth it. Not only will this help improve your blood flow, it also helps lung function, cuts down risk of heart disease, and makes it less likely that you will develop cancer of the lungs, bladder, throat, and mouth.

Making healthy lifestyle changes with regard to what you eat and do will certainly help improve circulation, but sometimes more is needed. In these situations, the care and treatments we offer at Dallas Podiatry Works can help to strengthen blood flow to your feet and ankles. This is essential in keeping your lower appendages healthy and safe, so schedule your appointment at either our Plano or Dallas office online, or give us a toll-free call at (888) 716-5283 today.

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Dr. Joel W. Brook
Dr. Joel Brook is a board-certified podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon at Dallas Podiatry Works in TX.

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